The Ghost in the Machine

I’ve spent a lot of time lately trying to reconcile my past. A new decade is upon us, and I’m about to enter my 35th year on this planet, which in my opinion, are both significant signposts along life’s journey. More than half of those years have been “hard years,” and for the first time in my life, I can actually tend to my wellbeing for a while. 

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Gravitas Impetus

I often imagine my life as something illusory. Not because it is in itself unreal, but because the life which surrounds me, appears at times, to not be alive at all. It moves of course, and changes, and adapts, in just the same way you might think a living thing should, but how much of it is really living after all? Living in its truest sense at least? Not just simply here as a reactant caught within some grand experiment. 

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Life Handed a Boy an Apple Tree

And so, as it goes, life handed a boy an apple tree. 

He ate from it whenever he wished and when it rained, he found shelter under its branches and he was satisfied. Life also handed the boy a pair of shoes for which he could walk to and fro, experiencing the world and all its wonders, but always being able to return to the tree to eat its fruit and find shelter. 

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Overnight Success

Ahh, the good life, isn’t it wonderful? All the shiny little things we like to reflect on, share with others, and dare I say it, embellish, but what of the rest of it? Human life is littered with bad moments, bad decisions, bad relationships, bad careers, and is only ever speckled with a bit of good anything, yet we remain fixated on mostly invented nonrealities.

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